Coaching Academy Graduate Testimonies

"Coaching Academy could easily be the greatest investment I’ve ever made in my life. It was so much more than training to be a coach – it was a life-changing experience.."
John Griffith

"Truly amazing. Not only did I learn the skills of coaching, I became a person who can stand with people as they experience transformation."
Joshua Rex Vanderhoof

"I'm energized and thrilled to be living my calling as a transformational coach."
Sarah Robertson Sutton

"Through all the practice and exercises, it was amazing to discover that I really can help people. Coaching Academy was empowering and has given me confidence."
Jami Hunter

"Because of the Academy, my marriage, my relationship with my kids, and how I relate to my business will forever be transformed. For this I am grateful!"
Rahn Osborne

"I'm confident in my skills as a coach as a result of the excellent training and coaching that I received at the Academy."
Amber Tippett

"Each weekend has brought fresh insights into myself, and some really radical shifts in what I think is possible for myself."
Lisa Scott

"The investment I made in the coaching academy has reaped rewards in my life that far exceeded the money I sowed."
Lisa Brown

"The generosity of the trainers was apparent, not only in the abundance of training materials, but also in the customized conversations."
Josh Murad

"Coaching Academy had such a huge impact, not only on me, but also on my family and my community."
Kristen Eitland

"The value that it has brought to my life is immeasurable."
Maria Johnson

"The Coaching Academy provided a way for me to turn my passion for helping people into a career."
Ren Brown

"If you get the chance, you've got to take this class. It will challenge you on all levels."
Andre Walton

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